Appliance Logistics, Simplified.

From fulfillment to the last mile, we pick, pack, ship, and deliver your orders while prioritizing speed, costs, sustainability, and quality.

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We are Experts in Appliance Fulfillment & Last Mile Delivery

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“[Since launching with GoBolt] we have had a significant decrease in customer escalations related to delivery and assembly... And when issues do arise, we have noticed that GoBolt rectifies the situation with urgency.”

Nick Corne, International Logistics Manager at CLMBR

End-to-End Appliances Logistics

GoBolt Fulfillment Center


Integrate your ecommerce platform or OMS with GoBolt to fulfill orders in real time. We’ll identify the nearest GoBolt fulfillment center to reduce your carbon footprint, shipping costs, and transit times.

GoBolt - Last Mile Delivery Van

Last Mile

Electrify your last mile experience with faster shipping and enhanced delivery options for products of all sizes and your shoppers will experience unparalleled day-of convenience.

GoBolt Returns | Reverse Logistics


We pick up and consolidate returned inventory, and once returned to a GoBolt facility, we conduct a review and process the return according to your SOP, ensuring timely restocking and refunds.


Leading the charge in sustainable logistics

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Why Choose GoBolt

Fulfillment Center Network

Scale with ease by leveraging our network of fulfillment centers with 12 warehouse locations across the U.S. and Canada.

Reduce Your Emissions

Reduce your emissions with our sustainable last mile solution, including our fleet of electric vehicles, sequestering carbon emissions, and route optimization.

Innovative Tech

Increase your revenues, improve your customer experience and reduce costs with our industry-leading operations powered by our; real-time delivery tracker, innovative shipping solutions, and warehouse management system.

Simplify Your Logistics

Accelerate order fulfillment, reduce delivery time, improve returns management, and enhance shopper support, all with the same partner.

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