Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics, simplified.

It can be unnecessarily complex to manage ecommerce returns, but it doesn’t have to be.
GoBolt Reverse Logistics - Boxes

We designed GoBolt’s reverse logistics solution
with simplicity in mind.

With GoBolt’s best-in-class returns technology and operations, you can streamline your reverse logistics to delight your shoppers,
decrease costs, and increase your revenue.

The top choice for seamless ecommerce
returns processing.

Apparel, footwear, luggage, jewelry, cookware, and more.

Trusted by world-class brands.

Warehouse manager putting products in cardboard boxes away as part of the returns processing workflow.
Returns management

Here’s what you can achieve when you use GoBolt for returns management:

Better adherence to your brand’s existing SOPs
Better visibility into your returns data
Increase returned to stock percentage
Categorize returns by item condition
Increase revenue through recommerce programs
Decrease return label costs

We make returns better.

Improved Speed
Faster processing means fewer stockouts and more realized revenue.

Increased Accuracy
Detailed processing means resellable products aren’t disposed of and damaged products aren’t used to fulfill new orders.

Identify & Prevent Fraud
Prevent fraudulent returns through the accurate identification of incorrect or damaged products.

Powerful Data Insights
Easily identify key returns insights like problematic SKUs and materials.

Enhanced Customer Experience
Get money back in your shoppers’ wallets faster.

Cost Savings
Distributed network of returns processing hubs means decreased shipping costs and faster end-to-end processing.

Avoid sending inventory to landfills by processing returned inventory for re-commerce or for sale as new.

Increase Revenue
Take advantage of recommerce programs with our advanced returns disposition and condition mapping.

An image describing the returns processing workflow

Easily connect to your existing returns platform.

Discover what our customer-centric, partner-first approach will mean for you and your customers.