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Driving first-party,
sustainable logistics

The logistics industry is massive… and it’s broken

From our humble beginnings providing consumer storage solutions, seeing first-hand how a fumbled last touch can affect the end-customer experience pulled us into the complex world of logistics. It’s a messy web of single-point solutions and an industry notorious for its heavy impact on the environment.

GoBolt exists to clean up this mess by building the
world’s largest first-party, sustainable supply chain network.
Our mission is to make logistics easier than the purchase itself.


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Carbon negative by December 2023

We know the future needs to be greener – and recognize that we have a part to play in making that happen. That’s why we’re building a fully electric fleet, offsetting our carbon footprint, and optimizing our operations for a circular supply chain.


Want to be a part of our mission?

We’re constantly growing and looking for passionate, driven people to help us change the face of logistics.

Leadership team

Mark Ang portrait
Mark Ang
CEO, Co-founder
Heindrik Bernabe portrait
Heindrik Bernabe
CTO, Co-founder
Adam Long portrait
Adam Long
Chief People Officer
Chris Lynch portrait
Chris Lynch
Chief Financial Officer
Kristy Bates portrait
Kristy Bates
SVP, Revenue
Jarrett Stewart portrait
Jarrett Stewart
SVP, Customer
Gus Kokonas portrait
Gus Kokonas
SVP, Operations
Beth Warner portrait
Beth Wanner
VP, Marketing
Jeff Serota portrait
Jeff Serota
VP, Product Management


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