Elevating the Customer Experience Through Fulfillment & Last Mile: A DTC Brand’s Success Story

The Brand

A DTC brand disrupting the home fitness industry.

When Nick Corne, International Logistics Manager at CLMBR, began his search for a new 3PL, finding a partner that could provide accurate fulfillment and reliable last mile delivery was non-negotiable.

Creators of the world’s first connected vertical climbing machine, CLMBR has earned coveted space in homes across the U.S. and Canada, and provides its users with an unmatched workout experience. 

Backed by a plethora of A-list investors (including Jay-Z and Ryan Seacrest), the direct-to-consumer’s (DTC) machine sales quickly gained momentum, prompting the company to re-evaluate their logistics partner. 

The Challenge

The need to decrease customer escalations and increase overall customer satisfaction.

As CLMBR’s product and brand grew in popularity, their previous logistics partner began to struggle with fulfillment accuracy and prompt delivery, and when issues arose, they were unable to provide CLMBR with the expected level of support. After realizing the partnership wasn’t working, Corne and his colleagues began the search for a new 3PL provider.  

“We needed to find a final mile delivery partner with warehouse efficiency, reliability, and accuracy,” said Corne. “A provider that had available warehouse space and that was also cost-effective.” 

As a premium brand, CLMBR understands that every customer touch point, including fulfillment, last mile delivery, and installation, presents an opportunity to live up to their brand promise. With that in mind, CLMBR set out to find an end-to-end logistics partner that could provide both last mile delivery while meeting the needs and expectations of the company and its customers.

The Solution

Finding a reliable and agile warehouse and last mile delivery partner.

After some networking and discussions with colleagues, Corne learned of GoBolt through a business connection. Following his initial meetings with GoBolt’s Regional Director of Transportation, D.J. Libby, Corne knew he’d found the right match.

“GoBolt’s service offerings met our 3PL needs, including final mile, warehousing, WMS systems, and distribution,” Corne says. “GoBolt’s sustainable mandate was also an important and beneficial factor in our search.” 

With GoBolt, CLMBR is able to offer a variety of delivery service options to meet the needs of their shoppers. These options include Threshold, where the box will be delivered to the first clean/dry area inside the dwelling; Room of Choice, which involves the delivery team placing the box(es) into the room of the shoppers’ selection; or White Glove service, which includes delivery, installation by GoBolt’s trained crew, and removal of all packaging. 

After two months of a smooth onboarding process, CLMBR and GoBolt were ready to roll out in four key markets. “The GoBolt team was willing to help however they could,” noted Corne. “They were very attentive to our needs.”

The Results

Climbing to new heights with their new 3PL partner.

GoBolt fulfilled over 1,100 CLMBR units in the first six months, and the partnership is just getting started.

“[Since launching with GoBolt] we have had a significant decrease in customer escalations related to delivery and assembly of our product within the customer’s home,” said Corne. “And when issues do arise, we have noticed that GoBolt rectifies the situation with urgency.”

When discussing the impact and success he’s seen with GoBolt as their fulfillment and last mile delivery partner, Corne made sure to mention his pleasure in dealing with the GoBolt team. “All of the warehouse managers and warehouse staff at all GoBolt locations have been exceptional to work with,” Corne noted. “The biggest improvement has been the customer experience.”

Overall, CLMBR is thrilled with the results they’ve seen to date.

What’s Next for CLMBR?

The second model in CLMBR’s machine series, CLMBR02, has recently launch and is now available for pre-order, and they’ve opened two new studio locations. So whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or if you’re looking to elevate your current training, CLMBR has on-demand content and classes to fit your fitness needs.

Reliability, accuracy, and efficiency are three things that make a great 3PL partner for any brand. Looking for a 3PL that offers the complete package? Contact our team to learn how to win over shoppers and boost your customer service experience with optimized third-party logistics. 

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