Sustainable Strides: Reducing Scope 3 Emissions through EV Last Mile

As our apparel brand partner navigated the landscape of growing order volumes, escalating carrier costs, and the critical importance of reducing their Scope 3 emissions, finding an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable final mile solution became imperative. 

Recognizing the urgency of finding a sustainable last mile partner, they embarked on a quest to optimize their fulfillment network while minimizing their environmental footprint.

Image showing how an apparel brand partnered with GoBolt for sustainable last-mile delivery. Headline: 'Electrifying the Last Mile with GoBolt'. Icons and text highlight using EVs for delivery, achieving next-day delivery in core markets, and avoiding 123.16 emissions in 7 months.
Electrifying the Last Mile with GoBolt
Key performance metrics highlighting how this apparel brand worked with GoBolt to meet their sustainable and efficient shipping goals.

The Brand

When this apparel brand approached us seeking to reduce their Scope 3 emissions through sustainable last-mile solutions, it was evident they were extremely committed to upholding their reputation for quality, innovation, and sustainability. Known for offering premium activewear and boasting a loyal global customer base, the brand had set lofty climate action targets. Recognizing the necessity of finding a partner capable of reducing emissions without inflating delivery costs, they turned to GoBolt to make it happen.

The Challenge

Despite their deep commitment to sustainability, this brand faced significant challenges in optimizing their last mile delivery operations for sustainable shipping. The need for an innovative last mile carrier that could assist them in reducing their Scope 3 emissions became critical to upholding their sustainability promises. Moreover, traditional last mile strategies were not only failing to align with the brand’s sustainability goals but also adversely impacting their brand reputation and bottom line.

The Solution

In response to their logistics challenges, GoBolt provided an innovative and sustainable last mile solution, powered by a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs). This solution enabled them to introduce carbon-neutral deliveries in key urban areas, including Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal. By leveraging an EV fleet and sustainable logistics technology and expertise, they were able to ensure environmentally friendly deliveries without compromising on transit times or costs.

The Results

Our partnership has delivered remarkable outcomes, significantly reducing carbon emissions, transit times and delivery costs.

Electrified Last Mile

GoBolt’s commitment to electrifying the last mile has helped this brandprogress towards their sustainability goals. With GoBolt, their month-over-month growth of electric vehicle (EV) deliveries demonstrates a consistent upward trajectory, with 38% of all network volume transitioning to electrification from launch to current-state. This transition is underscored by a substantial increase in total EV deliveries, rising from 27% in 2023 to an impressive 50% in 2024. By embracing EV technology, the brand is not just modernizing their delivery methods but also delivering tangible reductions in carbon emissions.

Reduced Scope 3 Emissions

Together, our efforts have resulted in a significant reduction in their Scope 3 emissions. Their total emissions avoided since working with GoBolt stands at an impressive 123.16 tonnes of CO2e. This reduction underscores their commitment to sustainability and our pivotal role in helping our partner to achieve their environmental goals.

Our collaboration doesn’t stop at reducing carbon emissions; we empower our partner with actionable insights to further enhance their environmental impact. Through our emissions calculator, they gain invaluable insights to assess the environmental footprint of their delivery operations. By inputting crucial data such as distance traveled, vehicle type, and fuel efficiency, they can quantify their carbon emissions with precision.

Optimized Time to Deliver

While reducing emissions, we’ve also reduced their time to deliver, ensuring swift and efficient service for our partner and their shoppers. Through our optimized last mile delivery tracking and routing technology, our brand partner offers timely, reliable, and improved delivery to their shoppers. 

Their core markets now benefit from next-day delivery, while secondary markets enjoy two-day delivery. They now offer expedited service without compromising on cost or sustainability.

Final Thoughts

Our sustainable last mile service has not only transformed this brand’s delivery operations but also facilitated progress towards their bold Scope 3 emissions goals. By implementing carbon-neutral deliveries and optimizing delivery times, they are fully emodying their commitment to sustainability. 

Key Takeaways and Benefits

  • Significant Reduction in Carbon Emissions

Through our sustainable last mile solutions powered by our fleet of EVs, they’ve achieved a noteworthy reduction in their carbon emissions, aligning with their commitment to environmental stewardship. 

  • Elevated Brand Reputation and Shopper Loyalty

They are demonstrating a genuine commitment to their sustainability promise by embracing sustainable last mile practices. Shoppers are increasingly inclined to support brands that prioritize sustainability, and this will assist in further positioning them as an industry leader.

  • Enhanced Delivery Efficiency

The implementation of our innovative technology and sustainable last mile solutions has not only reduced delivery times but has also minimized the environmental impact of their logistics operations.

Next Steps

Moving forward, our partnership aims to expand into new markets, further extending their reach of sustainable last mile deliveries. 

Want to learn more about how your logistics can become more sustainable? Reach out to the GoBolt team today.