A truck-shaped lake in the midst of pristine nature, illustrating the concept of clean, greenhouse-free transport in the form of electric, hybrid or hydrogen propulsion. 3d rendering.

How GoBolt is Making Logistics Simple and Sustainable

GoBolt’s Co-Founder and CEO Mark Ang and Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, host of the podcast Let’s Talk Supply Chain, got together to talk about how GoBolt is bringing sustainability to logistics, an industry known for its heavy impact on the environment. 

As a technology-driven, customer-centric, planet-positive company, we take a firsthand approach to third-party logistics. This includes reliable warehousing, pick and pack fulfillment, shipping, and electric last mile delivery – all completed by the GoBolt team.

Mark and Sarah chat about GoBolt’s efforts to provide brands with a simple and sustainable solution for logistics. In addition, Mark explains why we take the position of being the one thing between you and your shoppers very seriously.

Tune in to discover more about our story and our big goals for 2023!