GoBolt Named “Last Mile Innovation of the Year” by SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards

TORONTO, June 15, 2023GoBolt, a technology company building the world’s largest sustainable, vertically integrated supply chain network, today announces it has been selected as Last Mile Innovation of the Year by SupplyTech Breakthrough, an awards program honoring innovation and market disruption in supply chain and logistics technologies, services, companies and products around the world. GoBolt was named by SupplyTech Breakthrough as the Last Mile Solution Provider of the Year in 2022.

“GoBolt is pioneering a new era in the logistics industry, with sustainability, technology and customer success at the forefront,” said Mark Ang, Co-founder and CEO of GoBolt. “To be recognized for our innovation in the last mile underscores this progress. We hope the strides we make inspires others in this space to pursue a more sustainable, tech-forward approach moving forward.” 

GoBolt takes an innovative approach to enhance all aspects of the last mile experience for merchants and their shoppers. The company is focused on fleet electrification and is committed to providing carbon neutral deliveries by the end of 2023. Going further in its pursuit of sustainability, GoBolt developed a framework to calculate the emissions of deliveries not completed in an EV using a distance-based methodology, and then supports nature-based projects to sequester those unavoidable carbon emissions. In addition to this, the innovative technology GoBolt developed in-house optimizes its last mile delivery routes, which allows for reduced mileage, cost savings, and a decrease in environmental impact.

From a shopper experience standpoint, GoBolt is pushing the pace. The company’s proprietary technology allows shoppers to book deliveries directly for ideal delivery times. This technology also unlocks real-time tracking data, which gives shoppers the ability to know exactly where their orders are and when they’ll be delivered.

The annual SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards provide public recognition for the achievements of SupplyTech companies and products in categories including Inventory Management, Supply Chain Visibility, Transportation Management, Material Handling, IoT and Robotics, and more.

To learn more about GoBolt and electrifying your last mile deliveries, visit www.gobolt.com

About GoBolt

Founded in 2017, GoBolt is a technology company building the first sustainable and vertically integrated supply chain network that partners with merchants to deliver a complete end-to-end customer experience. By operating as an extension of each merchant’s team, GoBolt provides reliable warehousing, pick and pack, shipping, and last-mile delivery. With a growing network of warehouses across North America and a suite of proprietary apps designed and supported by an in-house engineering team, GoBolt unlocks enhanced transparency and control for merchants. The company’s focus on customer-centricity is further driven by a deep commitment to sustainability. GoBolt’s investment in its electric vehicle fleet is a testament to the company’s mission to provide carbon neutral deliveries by the end of 2023. For more information, visit GoBolt.com. 


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