Cruising To Success: Swytch Bike’s Journey to Optimized Fulfillment with GoBolt

The Brand

Swytch Bike, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is a beacon of innovation in the e-bike industry. The London-based startup has a visionary product with worldwide acclaim. With a mission to turn drivers into cyclists by converting everyday bikes into e-bikes, Swytch Bike isn’t merely a brand; it’s a movement, a revolution on two wheels.

With a broad footprint encompassing the UK, Europe, and North America, they’ve embarked on a journey to make electric transport a global reality. Swytch fundamentally believes that sustainable transport should be accessible to all without costing the Earth. However, these unconventional products are subject to a few specialized fulfillment and shipping regulations that challenge the status quo in e-bike logistics.

The Challenge

In 2020, Swytch Bike began scaling quickly. When they began evaluating Canadian fulfillment providers, they knew they needed a logistics partner that could handle their unique fulfillment needs and help them scale. That’s when Swytch’s Chief Manufacturing Officer, Charlie Newton, initially engaged with GoBolt. 

Newton and his team weren’t solely focused on finding just any fulfillment partner; they were searching for the ideal collaborator who could assist them in:

  • 1. Expanding into Two New Markets: Swytch Bike aimed to grow their business presence in both Canada and the U.S.
  • 2. Adapting to Innovation: The right fulfillment partner needed to seamlessly integrate with the company as it introduced a new product generation.
  • 3. Navigating Regulatory Supply Chain Challenges: The selected fulfillment partner had to demonstrate expertise in navigating complex supply chain obstacles posed by the product’s shipping regulations.
  • 4. Managing International Logistics: Swytch Bike required a logistics partner with a proven track record in efficiently handling goods originating in China and entering into the U.S.
  • 5. Sustainable Synergy: Finding a logistics partner that could align with the sustainability values shared by Swytch Bike and their shoppers. 

“We actually transitioned to GoBolt in the U.S. right as a new generation product was launching,” said Newton. “We had this small gap when we were no longer selling one generation, but our new product was still being shipped. We needed to move quickly so our kits started arriving in multiple parts. GoBolt helped us combine everything in the LA warehouse to create our full and final conversion kits.” 

The challenge was clear: how to efficiently handle a complex supply chain, given the specialized regulatory environment and the need to manage the transition to a new product line seamlessly.

The Solution

During the transition period, when Swytch Bike was introducing a new generation of e-bike products, they faced the challenge of managing shipments of various components from different parts of China. Notably, the size of the wheels required shipping by sea, while other components were transported by air. This resulted in a need to kit all elements into full and final conversion kits within GoBolt’s Los Angeles warehouse. 

Being that we have a niche product, there are specialized regulations we follow that traditional e-bike companies are exempt from that GoBolt helps us navigate,” stated Newton. “Now we also work with the Los Angeles warehouse. Our goods come from China, enter the LA warehouse then go out to our customers across the U.S.” 

The Results

The transformative partnership between GoBolt and Swytch Bike has significantly elevated their operational efficiency and growth.

“We’ve been working with GoBolt in the U.S. for about a year now and the LA warehouse can push through more orders than any other provider,” says Newton. “As we’ve grown in size, our move to GoBolt has allowed us to keep up.”

“And the LA warehouse is our highest performing in the world,” Newton continues. “With GoBolt, we’ve now shipped 15,000 kits in the U.S. plus another 8,000 in Canada. These numbers are huge compared to where we were as a company two or three years ago. GoBolt has helped us scale and handle the chaos of launching a new product with tight timelines.” 

Newton, reflecting on the past year, highlights GoBolt’s pivotal role in enabling their LA warehouse to outperform competitors, while also facilitating remarkable growth in shipping volume, firmly establishing GoBolt as a key player in their journey towards product expansion and success.

And when it comes to Swytch Bike’s unwavering commitment to the environment, GoBolt’s sustainable service offerings align perfectly with Swytch Bike’s objectives. Together they have made meaningful progress toward Swytch’s sustainability milestones.

“As we move toward becoming a B Corp, net zero or any of these designations, GoBolt is a great partner in the U.S. and Canada who can help us meet, or make progress toward, our future goals.” Newton stated.  “GoBolt is one of the few companies offering a sustainable solution.” 

Final Thoughts

The partnership between Swytch Bike and GoBolt has proven to be a game-changer in the world of niche product logistics. With GoBolt’s expertise and efficient fulfillment operations, the company has not only overcome regulatory challenges but also scaled their operations significantly. 

The ability to manage the chaos of launching new products with tight timelines showcases the invaluable support GoBolt has provided. Swytch Bike’s success story is a testament to the power of strategic logistics partnerships in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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