Sweet Dreams and Seamless Shipping: How Emma Improved Their Shopper Experience with GoBolt

The Brand

Awakening people’s best by enhancing their sleep 

Meet Emma – a company that’s on a mission to lead, disrupt, and reinvent the sleep industry. They revolutionize sleep by pushing the boundaries of what technology can do for rest. 

Emma is different from your standard mattress company. In addition to creating mattresses, bed frames, pillows, and bedding, the brand is backed by an award-winning team and patented technology.

Their sleep technology and innovations include:

  • AIRGOCELL, a breathable foam that absorbs moisture and assists with airflow through the mattress.
  • The Emma CliMax
  • The Emma Adjustable Foam Pillow 

As Emma ’s sales surged, the company experienced exponential growth, selling over 200,000 mattresses a month in 2021. As they continued to win over shoppers and awards for their mattresses, they were also facing some real pain points and challenges when it came to their previous third-party logistics (3PL) provider.

The Challenge

A manual and disjointed shipping and fulfillment process

The biggest issue for Emma and their previous 3PL partner was their manual shipping and fulfillment processes. To make matters worse, the 3PL was unable to integrate their existing system with their online storefront, which just made everything more disjointed. This led to a less-than-optimal shopper experience, which was frustrating for everyone involved. 

Knowing how important the shopper experience was to the brand, Emma began looking for a new 3PL partner. They had a few criteria in mind, such as automation that could easily integrate with Shopify, value-added services like white glove delivery and scheduled deliveries, cost-effectiveness, and delivery reliability.

The Solution

The winning recipe: sustainability and value-added services 

After checking out several 3PL providers, Emma came across GoBolt. Among some of the winning criteria, GoBolt’s dedication to sustainability, value-added services, and seamless integration with Shopify won the Emma team over.

Since partnering with GoBolt, Emma has seen many major improvements. They now offer value-added services like white glove delivery, scheduled deliveries, and seamless returns or old mattress removal. Plus, with expanding into an additional GoBolt warehouse, their shipping times have improved dramatically. This has all led to increased customer satisfaction and business growth.

The Results

Scalability and shopper satisfaction

Working with GoBolt has allowed Emma to streamline their internal processes and provide a seamless customer experience. Shoppers now experience less friction at checkout and throughout the purchase journey, which means they’re more likely to buy from Emma again. Plus, Emma’s internal team is now more efficient, thanks to the automation of the shipping process.

All in all, Emma couldn’t be happier with their partnership with GoBolt. It’s helped them improve their shipping and customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and scalability for the brand.

Want to learn more about how Emma can enhance your sleep? Check them out today. 

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