Simplify your logistics with GoBolt’s 3PL software

Unlock efficiency and control with our suite of proprietary systems, built to give you and your shoppers an enhanced experience.


Your experience

Our portal
Gain real-time control of your inventory, orders, and shipments with reduced support costs and increased first-touch resolution. With our seamless integrations, you can:

Send inventory
Manage products and inventory
Manage orders
Manage returns

Routing algorithm
Our technology optimizes our last mile delivery routes to minimize carbon emissions, reduce costs, and increase on-time delivery.

Your shoppers’

Real-time tracking
Our tracking application enables your shoppers to see exactly when their delivery will arrive by tracking the delivery vehicle on a map.

Unparalleled day-of convenience
Unshackle your shoppers from big delivery windows. Our system will send notifications when:

The order is confirmed
We’ve left the warehouse
We’re one stop away
We’re on our way to your shopper
Customer experience

Leading the charge in sustainable last-mile logistics

Technology partners

Don’t see your ecommerce platform listed? Talk to Sales about our custom integrations.


Seamlessly connect your Shopify store to GoBolt’s fulfillment network.


Seamlessly connect your Squarespace store to GoBolt’s fulfillment network.


Seamlessly connect your Wix store to GoBolt’s fulfillment network.

Big Commerce logo

Seamlessly connect your BigCommerce store to GoBolt’s fulfillment network.


Seamlessly connect your WooCommerce store to GoBolt’s fulfillment network.


Seamlessly connect your ShipStation account to GoBolt’s fulfillment network.


Seamlessly connect your Skubana account to GoBolt’s fulfillment network.

Loop Returns

Enable a world-class returns experience with Loop Returns and GoBolt.

Order Desk

Sync GoBolt orders and receive shipment updates for complete end-to-end order management.