Panel Discussion: When Logistics Gets in the Way of an Amazing Shopper Experience

Your shopper’s journey is filled with opportunities to surprise and delight. 

From discovering your brand to the final mile delivery, there are many touch points that you can optimize to leave an outstanding impression on your shoppers – especially where logistics is concerned. 

Join Mark Ang, CEO and Co-Founder of GoBolt, Soren Valentin, former Chief Operating Officer at Christopher Cloos, and Darcy Mercier, former Director of Operations at Mindful Collective Co. to explore the profound impact that logistics has on the customer experience, the evolving complexity of customer expectations, and how you know when it’s time to make a change.

The panel discussion also dives into:

  • What matters most when evaluating logistics solutions
  • Why brand control is essential and how it relates to fulfillment and delivery
  • How (mis)alignment on sustainability values with customers impacts business decisions

Take a front-row seat to their discussion, watch below: