Shipping Redefined: Inside GoBolt’s Innovative Approach to Logistics

Ecommerce growth is spurring brands and their logistics partners to innovate in a space long stalled by antiquated practices. 

Projections from Insider Intelligence and Statista see sustained growth in ecommerce sales (10%) and revenues (8.95%) in coming years. What’s more, industries like transportation and warehousing that support the digital economy are expected to be among the fastest-growing economic sectors for the next decade, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. 

For an insider’s perspective on the state of the industry, what is changing and how it impacts brands, we connected with Jacob Lieberman, GoBolt’s Head of Network Operations. In our conversation, Jacob shares how GoBolt has formed strategic partnerships and embraced innovative solutions to help brands navigate the complexities of the current logistics climate while maintaining a high level of service.

Here’s what Jacob had to say: 


Can you kick off our conversation by explaining what makes up GoBolt’s network?

JL: Our network is comprised of nearly two dozen unique carrier solutions that physically ship throughout a global system. This system is a combination of ground and air-skip solutions, which propels our third-party and our first-party, electric-delivery solution. We’re also incredibly proud of our multi-port Section 321 strategy. 


What pain points and challenges does GoBolt solve through its parcel network? 

JL: The three main pain points we exist to solve are; price, service and sustainability. We foster collaborative partnerships with brands with the goal of empowering them to confidently set their fiscal-year budgets, even with shipping being an anchor on their cost line. For example, we work with a number of global brands to turn their shipping costs into a monetization or revenue strategy.

Beyond that, we partner with brands seeking out logistics providers who complement their shipping strategies with carbon-neutral or fully electric delivery solutions. Our company was built with sustainability at its core and we continue to make strides to eliminate our carbon footprint. GoBolt has worked hard to become a logistics partner that not only drives savings and efficiencies but also enhances the shopper experience and moves the needle toward a more sustainable future. 


With global brands shipping across borders and all brands being budget conscious, can you tell us how GoBolt’s network helps its partners streamline and save? 

JL: With our brand partners, we continue to emphasize our fulfillment network. Today, GoBolt operates in 14 unique locations across North America, including Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Miami and Los Angeles. With shipping as the largest cost line for brands, we hone in on what we call order orchestration to help our brand partners streamline their costs and operations. 

When we onboard a brand, we love reviewing their shipping data. This gives us critical insight into the geos they ship to most and the markets they predominantly service. It allows us to orchestrate their volume across our network in a unique way so they can reduce what’s called “the zone.”

A vast majority of Canada and the U.S., regardless of carrier, are broken up into some zone-based logic that’s fairly straightforward. Simply put, the further distance a package travels, the more it’s going to cost. By leveraging our fulfillment orchestration strategy, brands can lower their shipping costs and ultimately get orders to their shoppers faster. As you may know, a lot of brands are chasing an Amazon type of experience, which can be tough to replicate. But at GoBolt, we have the capability to do so with our broad fulfillment network. 


How do you stay informed on industry happenings? 

JL: Keeping a pulse on what’s going on in logistics can be a beast. Honestly, it can be tough when you’re working with several dozen independent carriers with their own eccentricities and managing the complexities of trade agreements and bureaucracy. You need some natural curiosity into the many workings of shipping networks. You’ve got to be a nerd about this business. At GoBolt, we’re all a bunch of shipping nerds who love ecommerce and logistics. 

That’s really what it comes down to. It’s a lot of reading, being informed and having a curiosity for seeking out the industry knowledge and changes to bring solutions to our brand partners. 


What approach does GoBolt take in communicating changes with its partners? 

JL: We are in constant communication with our partners. We think of ourselves, and truly operate as, extensions of our brand partners. When something shows up on our radar, we strive to communicate with our partners that same day. Of course, that’s after we feel informed and confident enough to share developments and changes accurately. I see myself as a co-captain of our partners. In my role, I help steer their decision making by empathizing with and understanding their need to be equally informed on the industry’s happenings and changes. Of course, we’ve made some mistakes when communicating changes but as they say, you learn more from your mistakes than your wins and we always appreciate direct and honest feedback from our Merchants, it helps make us better. 


Tell us more about how GoBolt finds mutual success with its brand partners? 

JL: We are nothing without our brand partners. They are integral to our success and vice versa. From a network perspective, we function as a dedicated extension of their businesses. I strive to put myself in the driver’s seat of their businesses to better understand what matters most to our partners and the objectives they aim to fulfill. We play a tremendous role in ensuring they can deliver an impeccable shopper experience. We customize ecommerce shipping solutions, balancing cost, speed and sustainability, all while emphasizing our commitment to being a genuine partner of the brands we serve. Our approach is rooted in understanding the outcomes our partners want to achieve.


The conversation isn’t over. Coming soon: Part 2 of our chat with Jacob where he unravels the strategic initiatives ensuring cost-savings and an exceptional delivery experience for global brands and their customers.


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