GoBolt and If Only Home: A Seamless Ecommerce Business Partnership

It’s one thing to say we’re an effective ecommerce fulfillment partner; it’s quite another to actually deliver.

We know that the satisfaction and success of the businesses we work with is more validating than any claim we can make. That’s why we wanted to highlight our successful ecommerce partnership with if only home — a luxury bedding company that was looking to improve their ecommerce fulfillment operations.

What Did if only home Need?

Aside from simply wanting a partner to help scale their ecommerce operations successfully, if only home was facing a backlog of orders and needed help clearing it.

“When we started with Bolt, we had $100,000 worth of orders we needed to ship out to customers.”

Nicole Bernstein – Founder & CEO

How Did GoBolt Help?

Seamless Onboarding & Integration

When you’re sitting on undelivered orders that you need to get out of the door, the last thing you need is a fulfillment partner who is slow on the uptake — integration needs to happen fast and it needs to happen effectively.

When we partnered with if only home, we wanted to take on packing and shipping quickly and clear the backlog. We used a team of dedicated Account Managers, our best-in-class software stack and simple, seamless integration practices — we integrated our software with their Shopify store within minutes — to get onboarded quickly and execute on the unshipped orders. From there, we took on everyday ecommerce logistics so that Nicole and her team could shift their focus from packing and shipping orders to truly driving growth.

Ultimately, we helped if only home clear the shipping backlog and get customers their orders three times faster than if if only home fulfilled in-house.

“Onboarding was seamless. Our dedicated account coordinators help everyday, and Bolt has allowed us to scale rapidly ever since.”

We Helped if only home Save 40% On Shipping

We build the partnerships needed to stay competitive, maximize profitability, reduce abandoned carts and satisfy customers. We leverage the millions of dollars we spend with UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Canpar and other major postage providers to secure excellent, discounted postage rates for our clients. After partnering with if only home, we were able to reduce their shipping rates by over 40% compared to what they were spending on their own. Over the long term, those are the kind of capital savings that can help businesses scale their ecommerce operations effectively and stay competitive.

GoBolt Provides Ecommerce Fulfillment Solutions That Work

From start-ups to established businesses, we have the fulfillment and logistics expertise needed to help you unlock growth in the increasingly competitive online marketplace.

The Single-Partner Solution

We are a fully-integrated team of storage and logistics specialists who deliver end-to-end services to streamline and simplify your ecommerce efforts. Instead of working with multiple third-party logistics providers, you can rely on GoBolt at every stage of the order fulfillment process — from receiving, storing, managing, picking, packing, shipping online orders and managing reverse logistics.

Seamless Reverse Logistics and Returns Management

Don’t let the costs and headaches associated with ecommerce returns slow you down or cut into earnings. When you partner with GoBolt, we handle the entire returns process with ease, leading to greater customer satisfaction. When your customer requests an exchange or a return through your online store, we’ll receive the information before creating and sending the packing label at no cost to the customer. Once the customer sends the product back to us, we’ll receive the product before adding it back into your inventory.

Strategically-Located Fulfillment Centres

Our fully owned-and-operated warehouses are strategically located in four of the largest urban centres in Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal) to get you closer to your end customers and reduce shipping times. And best of all? Our services are standardized and fully-integrated no matter the location, which means you can expect the same quality of service no matter where we’re fulfilling orders for you. We are so confident in our ability to deliver on time that we guarantee same-day order fulfillment for orders placed before 1:00 PM.