GoBolt Expands Unique Supply Chain Network to the U.S., Introducing a Sustainable, Vertically Integrated Approach to Merchants

Technology-Enabled Fulfillment and Last-Mile Delivery Partner Announces Ability to Reach 12.75 Million New Households and Serve More Customers Via Electric Vehicles

(TORONTO, May 3, 2022)GoBolt (formerly Bolt Logistics), a technology company building the first sustainable and vertically integrated supply chain network, today announces it has officially expanded into the U.S. This move to the U.S. increases its already extensive network, connects even more cities and serves exponentially more customers, positioning GoBolt to reach 12.75 million households across the U.S. with an electric vehicle. 

“Working with GoBolt has been a great partnership in both enterprise technology and value alignment for both businesses,” said Art Lee, CEO at Rove Concepts. “Logistics has always been of paramount importance for our customer experience. GoBolt has been able to take the level of service we require and make it more streamlined under one ecosystem for the markets we engage in together. The fact the company is expanding its electric vehicle fleet and expanding into the U.S. is exciting for us because it creates even more alignment for us to utilize their network, and allows our teams to focus even more on designing and delivering the best product collections for our clients.”

As many logistics providers engage in outsourcing, GoBolt is unique in its vertically integrated supply chain network. As such, it’s one of the only true modern logistics brands that operates as a single-point solution. GoBolt is a complete end-to-end logistics partner offering fulfillment, last-mile delivery, and reverse logistics with an electric fleet that helps to reduce carbon emissions. 

“We’re laser-focused on making logistics easier than the purchase itself,” said Mark Ang, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GoBolt. “Expanding our network in the U.S. is the next logical step for GoBolt and its merchants, and we’re excited to continue raising the bar in logistics with our North American-wide coverage.” 

GoBolt raised CAD $115 million ($92.3 million USD) in Series B financing in November of 2021. Led by Yaletown Partners with participation from Ingka Investments – one of the three core businesses of Ingka Group, the largest owner and operator of IKEA Retail. GoBolt is growing fast: the company achieved 3x revenue growth from the first quarter of 2021 to the first quarter of 2022 and has pledged to be carbon negative by the end of 2023. The U.S. launch is slated to be the first of many to come, with GoBolt eyeing future expansion into the United Kingdom, Australia and other key locations.  

To learn more about the important work GoBolt is doing and how to supercharge your logistics, please visit https://www.gobolt.com/

About GoBolt

Founded in 2017, GoBolt (formerly Bolt Logistics) is a technology company building the first sustainable and vertically integrated supply chain network that partners with merchants to deliver a complete end-to-end customer experience. By operating as an extension of each merchant’s team, GoBolt provides reliable warehousing, pick and pack, shipping, and last-mile delivery. With a growing network of warehouses across North America and a suite of proprietary apps designed and supported by an in-house engineering team, GoBolt unlocks enhanced transparency and control for merchants. The company’s focus on customer-centricity is further driven by a deep commitment to sustainability. GoBolt’s investment in its electric vehicle fleet is a testament to the company’s mission to be carbon negative by the end of 2023. For more information, visit gobolt.com.


Kristin Hege