An update from GoBolt CEO Mark Ang

As we near the end of 2023, there are some exciting and bittersweet changes happening at GoBolt. Over the past several years, we’ve experienced significant growth. We’ve expanded into the United States and now have a presence in most major North American markets. We’ve also launched key partnerships with electric vehicle manufacturers and a restoration platform, both of which are helping us make strides towards providing carbon-neutral deliveries.

Since the beginning, we’ve maintained the promise that a delivery by GoBolt must be a quality experience for both our merchants and their customers. That’s why we set out to establish new industry standards for quality and continuity by leveraging a mix of our own drivers and those of third-party fleet operators since 2017. With the bar set high, GoBolt is being called to enter new markets quickly, work with new partners, and scale faster.  So, to meet the evolving quality and scalability needs of our business and to support our mission as a sustainability-driven, third-party logistics provider, GoBolt is transitioning more heavily to a fleet operator model. Transitioning in this way will continue to ensure the quality and dependability that we’ve established, while also allowing for more flexibility, scale and sustainability. The early results of this evolution have been incredibly impressive, and we are excited for it to grow in the coming months.

During this time, we’ve also learned that in order to scale and manage our sustainability goals, some internal changes needed to be made. This transition has required saying goodbye to some team members who’ve done great work and who we’ve loved working with. Oftentimes, change like this can bring confusion. There are unfounded rumors that these layoffs were made for reasons related to labour relations. This is simply not true. The changes to the driver network last week where employee jobs were eliminated was one of several made in service of the evolution outlined above.

As we look ahead, we stand firmly by GoBolt’s mission to build the world’s largest sustainable supply chain network. We have immense confidence in the value of our services and the steps we’re taking to enable the efficient and sustainable movement of goods. Continuing to grow and scale has called for making tough choices along the way. Still, our focus remains on being sustainable and customer-centric. In the coming weeks, we will have some exciting announcements about how we’ll continue to push the forefront of sustainable logistics in partnership with our fleet operator, EV manufacturing, and financing ecosystem.

What happens moving forward? We understand the emotions of those impacted, but I assure you GoBolt has acted in the best interests of our merchants and partners while respecting the rights of our employees. Our merchants and partners can continue to expect the same quality service without interruption. And our merchants’ customers can expect no impact to their deliveries.