Why GoBolt is the Go-To Third Party Logistics Provider for Furniture & Oversized Household Goods

Furniture brands have special needs when it comes to fulfilling and delivering orders, especially when it comes to shipping large, heavy, and hard-to-handle items. They require a third party logistics provider that can handle (and excel at) the fulfillment, shipping, and delivery of large items. Fortunately, this is something GoBolt has a lot of experience with. Our company started out as Canada’s largest valet storage company, where we specialized in on-demand consumer storage services (so we definitely know a thing or two about how to get a large couch through a narrow doorway). While we’ve since shifted our focus to provide brands with a best-in-class third-party logistics experience, our team has retained all the lessons we’ve learned along the way. 

Here are four reasons why brands turn to us as their go-to third party logistics provider when shipping their large and heavy items.

Our Team

At GoBolt, we employ every single member of our team. That translates into hiring warehouse workers, drivers, account managers and customer service representatives with vast industry knowledge and experience (e.g. delivery drivers and assistants with previous moving experience). The key to executing our customer’s standards: We assign our employees to brand-specific teams, ensuring they receive brand and product training and execute every step of the fulfillment and delivery process with a high level of care and expertise. For example, our white-glove delivery teams can expertly assemble goods (i.e., furniture and fitness equipment). 

Furthermore, our team makes every effort to stay on top of each merchants’ preferences and is expertly skilled in every detailed facet of the end-to-end logistic services we provide. This ensures that from the moment an order is placed to the moment it is delivered (or even returned), the GoBolt team has adopted our clients’ retail customers as our own. We effectively become a seamless extension of the teams of the merchants we work with. 

Our Customer Service

Brand consistency can make or break the customer experience. Companies meticulously curate brand guidelines, train employees and strive to execute their operations flawlessly at each and every touchpoint. This high attention to brand standards shouldn’t end with retail, customer service and online operations. In fact, it should be consciously continued into all fulfillment, delivery, installation, setup and return actions to guarantee that every consumer interaction with a brand is as powerful and effective as possible. This is even more important for furniture retailers to ensure large items are delivered undamaged and issue free. 

GoBolt elevates the customer service experience, ensuring our clients and their valued customers are taken care of every step of the way. To achieve this, we set high training standards, have account managers who oversee all areas of our client relationships, provide responsive communication so no one is ever left in the dark, and offer complete flexibility of all our service-level offerings, such as curbside, threshold (just inside the door), room of choice and white-glove for furniture and large household items. 

Our Technology

Consumer behavior has shifted. Expectations have changed. The bar for companies has been raised thanks to Uber Eats, InstaCart and same-day delivery services fulfilling every consumer need. This fast-paced service and its up-to-the-minute tracking is now expected at every step of the customer experience. When it comes to furniture, GoBolt can deliver on this highly personalized level of service. 

Our real-time truck tracking application allows customers to pinpoint exactly when their order will arrive. We also provide details on how they can prepare for their delivery and give them a direct line to contact our customer support team should issues or questions emerge. Our tech leverages text messaging to untether customers from hours’ long delivery windows. Now, customers can go about their days and receive order updates when our drivers are: 1.) One stop away, and 2.) On their way to the destination. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Simply put, the future needs to be greener and we all have a part to play in making that happen. With corporate sustainability goals on the rise, and consumers increasingly aligning their purchases with brands that embrace green practices, eco-conscious companies need a true end-to-end logistics provider that prioritizes sustainability. We at GoBolt are proud to boast one of the largest fleets of EVs in North America. On top of that, we’re committed to providing carbon neutral first-party deliveries by the end of 2023 and continually optimize our operations for a circular supply chain.

In fact, our last mile delivery service doesn’t always end at a customer’s door – our team is also the first point of contact in the reverse supply chain, handling things like product returns and donations. This is where GoBolt’s closed-loop logistics system comes in, providing a unique opportunity for retailers to make a major impact on the sustainability of their supply chain with minimal effort or extra costs. 

Over 10 million tons of furniture waste ends up in landfills in Canada and the U.S. every year. In Ontario alone, furniture and household appliances account for some 5% of the waste stream. As furniture retailers work to curb waste growth, a sustainability-focused, end-to-end logistics solution can be the answer to decreasing your carbon footprint and eliminating excessive waste from returns.

One Last Thing…

GoBolt understands the unique needs of furniture retailers. Handling heavy and large items is in our company’s DNA. Taking care of people’s most valued items is how we got our start. Over the years, we have grown and shifted our operations, but one thing remains the same: We treat our merchant’s things (and their customers) as our own. It’s something we take great pride in doing. It’s also why we are a stand-out and go-to third party logistics provider for furniture and oversized household goods last mile delivery. 

Want to learn more about partnering with GoBolt? Reach out to hello@gobolt.com.