Multi Carrier Shipping: The Ultimate Guide to Carrier Diversification

In today’s fast-paced ecommerce landscape, brands face increasing pressure to deliver products quickly and cost-effectively. One key strategy to achieving this is using a multi carrier shipping strategy. By leveraging a diversified network of last mile delivery carriers, you can reduce your cost to ship, improve delivery speeds, and drive revenue growth.

The Shipping Playbook: The Ultimate Guide to Carrier Diversification explores how a multi carrier shipping strategy can optimize your shipping, ensuring your brand remains competitive and responsive to shopper demands. 



Below, we’ll briefly explore how multi carrier shipping can transform your logistics, from risk mitigation to cost optimization – but you’ll want to dive into the ebook for all the juicy details. We also highlight the top alternate last mile carriers who are helping brands meet their shipping goals (jump to the list now). 


Risks of Relying on a Single Carrier vs a Multi Carrier Network 

Carriers play an integral role in your supply chain — ensuring the smooth, timely transportation of goods from the warehouse floor to your shopper’s front door. So it may come as no surprise to hear that relying on just one carrier, even though it may sound simple, comes with a host of risk factors.

By spreading your shipments across different carriers (multi carrier shipping), your brand can cover all its bases to keep your shipping and delivery operations running smoothly. So, when unexpected events happen, like a system outage or labor strikes, your brand, and your shoppers, have options.


Benefits of Multi Carrier Shipping

Moving on from the risks, what are some of the benefits of using a multi carrier shipping strategy?

By leveraging multiple carriers, brands can achieve improved reliability and risk mitigation, ensuring that deliveries are less likely to be disrupted by issues with a single carrier. This approach also enhances the shopper experience, providing customers with faster, cost-effective and more reliable delivery options. 

Check out other benefits in The Shipping Playbook.


Multi Carrier Shipping: Top Last Mile Carriers

One of the keys to a successful shipping strategy is matching the right last mile carrier to the specific shipping needs of your brand and your shoppers. And while we may be biased that GoBolt Parcel offers the best last mile delivery service, we also believe in the importance of diversifying your carrier network to provide the most resilient, efficient, and cost-effective shipping experience for your end-customers. 

Here is a list of the top 4 last mile carriers:

  1. Intelcom
  2. Ontrac
  3. GoBolt Parcel
  4. Uniuni

Get a list of the Top 10 Regional Last Mile Carriers along with our Carrier Diversification Checklist here.


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The Shipping Playbook

Explore The Shipping Playbook: The Ultimate Guide to Carrier Diversification to learn why adopting a multi-carrier shipping strategy is essential, explore its benefits, and get started with our comprehensive checklist.

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