Five Ways to Increase Brand Loyalty & Repeat Purchases with Custom Packaging

As many ecommerce businesses continue to spring up, customers are faced with a wide range of brands and options to choose from in making their desired purchases, making every edge up even more important. One major way to get an edge up is custom packaging.

In today’s global market marked by increased competition, merely ensuring product quality is no longer enough. As businesses continue to vamp up efforts to keep their client base while seeking expansion routes, improving your unboxing experience will help you not lose your existing customers to competitors.

1. Show Your Brand Personality In Your Packaging

When making online purchases, customers want to be sure of the brand of the product they are purchasing. According to this study, 52% of online consumers say they would likely return to a store for another purchase if their products are packaged exceptionally.

Consumer perception of brand identity is crucial in keeping old customers, as well as expanding market share. Ensuring that your customers can associate your packaging clearly with strong brand characteristics such as brand identity and style, uniqueness, color, and appearance is a good first step.

For example, Phil Heath provides customers with a cool positioning statement inside their box: “Show Your Strength”.

When a consumer spots your products, your brand should be easily named, and designs must be simple and easy to read. Not only does this eliminate any fears on the part of your consumers, but it also assures them of your brand’s promise to deliver a quality experience since your packaging links your products directly to your brand.

2. Invest in Attractive and Premium Quality

Channeling your resources to ensure that your packaging is attractive will excite your customers and make for a great unboxing experience. Since we know customers are more likely to purchase again because of your packaging, investing in the beauty and appearance of it is one sure way to ensure that you increase customer loyalty. As customers subconsciously make purchase decisions based on their emotions and first impressions, your presentation can subtly influence their choices.

Creative packaging does not just help repeated purchases; it can also increase the chances that your customer will share their unboxing experience publicly. Sometimes customers share photos on social media because they find the packaging attractive, and this presents a great opportunity for that business to harness the marketing potential. One way to improve attractiveness is to employ and combine colors effectively. Colors should be smartly used to attract and keep your target audience, set the right tone for your product, and visually set you apart from your competitors.

In addition, the appearance or outlook of the package matters as much as the quality of the materials used. By exceeding customer expectations through high-quality materials and designs, you increase the chances that your customers will reuse such packaging boxes and bags after purchase.

3. Include An Easy-to-use Guide for Your Products

Convenience and ease of use is another major factor that will determine how much of your existing or old customers you can easily retain. While customers will be drawn to the appearance and attractiveness of your package, you also want to make sure that they are not left ultimately disappointed or clueless on how to use your products. The inclusion of an easy-to-use or how-to guide for your customers will demonstrate to them your keen interest to satisfy their needs promptly and quickly, as well as improve their overall shopping experience. This will certainly make them come back for future purchases.

4. Employ Sustainable Materials

Another effective way to increase brand loyalty and repeat purchase is to ensure the sustainability of your packaging. For consumers who are particularly conscious about their environment, you will want to ensure that you can satisfy them by employing recycled or recyclable materials to reduce waste and promote environmental health. This will be a big plus for you and your business in ensuring the loyalty of such existing customers, as sustainability is popular among today’s consumers.

5. Make Use Of Package Inserts

Package inserts are extra items put into shipments that have been purchased by customers. From thank-you cards to small gifts to discount notices for future purchases, adding inserts is a great way to increase customer loyalty and ensure your customers keep coming back. This is because it surprises, satisfies customers, and builds goodwill since it is not requested or expected. Personalizing the shopping experience with thank you cards, for example, makes your customers feel valued and appreciated. Also, including inexpensive but thoughtful gifts is a great way to delight them, and in many cases, they will reward the gesture with future purchases. Inserting discount offers in your packaged product is another strategy that leaves your customers pleasantly motivated to come back again, as everyone loves purchasing desired items for a reduced price.

Create an Amazing Unboxing Experience

For most customers, a memorable and lasting impression and a satisfying all-around shopping experience are as important as the product itself. You must always look for creative ways to develop strategies that will retain customers, earn their trust and loyalty through attractive and sustainable packaging. A box that shows attention to detail and the specific needs of customers will keep existing customers seamlessly. It also proves to still be a very effective marketing strategy for your brand, since your existing customers will most likely share their memorable unboxing experience with friends and family.

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