Driving Sustainability: Two CEOs Hit the Road to Talk Building a Greener Future

Mark Ang (CEO & Co-Founder, GoBolt) and Dustin Jones (CEO, Frank And Oak) in front of an electric delivery van.

Listen in as two CEOs who run innovative brands hit the open road and deliver orders to their shoppers. Join Mark Ang, Co-Founder and CEO of GoBolt and Dustin Jones, Co-Founder and CEO of Unified Commerce Group and CEO of Frank And Oak, as they team up for a day of last mile delivery.

Recently, Frank And Oak, a purpose-led fashion and lifestyle brand, partnered with GoBolt and became among the first apparel retailers in Canada to offer carbon neutral deliveries.

The two CEOs spent the day delivering orders to shoppers. It gave them the opportunity to talk about business, how they got their entrepreneurial starts, the progression of their careers, and how sustainability plays a huge role in their company culture.

Watch now: 

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