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between $ - $ per month. Wow!

The truth of the matter is that as your order volume increases, shipping will as well. After all, the more you ship the more it will cost! And it’ll be costly. But there are ways to save on shipping, like:

  1. Negotiating for Reduced Shipping Rates
  2. Reducing Shipping Distances
  3. Using a 3PL

he best part? We can definitely help with number three – and cover the other two! With Bolt, you get access to exclusive shipping rates, discounts on packaging, and keep product closer to customers.

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Why Bolt

  • Same and next-day delivery
  • 99% Pick accuracy
  • 99% On-Time In-Full delivery
  • 3x Faster shipping

How to Choose the Right 3PL for Your Business

Learn when it’s time to start sourcing a logistics partner, the features to consider, and questions to ask that ensure you find the best partner for your needs.

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