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What is Valet Storage?

By Alex Coleman

Valet storage is just like valet anything. Picture valet parking: you arrive at a nice restaurant and rather than spending time searching for a nearby parking space, or attempting to parallel park on the street, you hand the task off to a dedicated restaurant employee who takes care of the parking and the problems that come along with it for you. No hassle, better experience.

The Problem with Regular Storage

Now apply that to the storage industry. Regular self-storage is a lot like driving to a restaurant, searching for a parking spot for fifteen minutes and attempting a parallel park for the first time in three years — something worth avoiding if you have the chance. Think about it: you have to find a storage unit, pack all your stuff, rent a truck or load your car, drive to the facility, unpack everything, and drive home.

On the other hand, valet storage does all the heavy lifting for you (literally). Valet storage companies will:

  1. Provide you with all the packing materials you could ever need, like durable safety-seal boxes.
  2. Come to pick up all your stuff.
  3. Deliver your stuff back when you need it (even individual items) all while you stay put in the comfort of your home.

Valet Storage is Designed Around You

With self-storage, you select a space and pay a set rate for that space. The problem is that people end up paying for storage they aren’t using, as self- storage facilities always try to maximize your use of space. Prices of self-storage companies vary depending on unit, but in large, expensive cities like Toronto, prices range from around $40/month for very tiny spaces, to up to $900/month for very large spaces.

Alex Coleman
By Alex Coleman

Alex is a Growth Marketer at Bolt, and is responsible for making it easier for businesses to find solutions that make sense. When he’s not hunting deals on cookware, he’s walking his rescue dog Oscar, or trying to figure out his next food stop: “have you tried Chen Chen’s or Ghost Pizza?”