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Long-Term Travel Storage: What To Do With Your Stuff When You're Gone

By Alex Coleman
How do you get set before you jet set? Whether you’re backpacking across Cambodia or staying with long-lost relatives in Rochester, there are a few things you’ll need to leave behind and a few tips you should take with you.

The Apartment

If you’re heading out for more than your traditional two-week holiday, it’s time to make big decisions about your living situation. You have two main options: lease it or leave it.

  1. Lease it
  2. Leave it

Don’t let your place collect dust (and rental bills) while you’re away. If you’re dead set on coming back to the same pad, put up an ad for a temporary sublet. This way you can leave your place furnished and avoid scrambling to find a roof over your head when you get back.

If you’re unsure how long your long-term travel plans may be, it could be time to move out. A move may feel stressful at first, but it will help you unpack the mental stress you would otherwise be taking on your trip. This allows you to remain flexible if you choose to extend your travels or head home early.

The Furniture

If you decide to leave your place behind, the next step will be finding a home for your furniture. First stop, the online marketplace. Check out Facebook Marketplace or Let Go to trade or sell your furniture online and make a few bucks that will serve you well in your globe-trotting adventure.

  1. Sell it
  2. Save it

However, if you’re anything like me and spent a pretty penny on a reclaimed rustic wood bedroom set from Urban Barn, you probably don’t feel satisfied slashing the value and watching an ecstatic buyer drive off with 90% off. If you want to store your hand-picked furniture, just look at storage in the interim.

The Clothes

Where are you going? This is the essential question that determines what kind of wardrobe you want to take or leave behind. If you’ve decided to trek across the volcanic peaks of Iceland in mid-January, you might want to leave those jean shorts behind. If you’re venturing through the Amazon jungle, you can probably ditch the Sorels.

  1. Give away
  2. Pack and store

Packing clothes may seem like common sense but it turns out, most of us overpack. This is the perfect opportunity to wade through unworn clothes and donate them. Resolve to have a minimal closet both on-the-road and off.

What about those clothes on your keep list? Organize the clothes you want to keep in well-labeled boxes according to their designated seasonality.

The Valuables

This could be the flat-screen TV that’s currently mounted on your living room wall, it could be your prized stereo system, a nice guitar, or a tea set that was passed down from your favourite aunt. You want to leave your valuables in safe and trusted hands. If you rent the place out, you can see about having them stay in the house and the renter taking care fo them. If niot

Leave Your Worries, and Your Stuff, Behind! 

The last thing you should be thinking about as you stare dreamily out that airplane window is your stuff. Sort out your possessions before you embark on a long-term trip so that you can fully immerse yourself and feel at ease knowing your stuff will be safe and secure at home.

Alex Coleman
By Alex Coleman

Alex is a Growth Marketer at Bolt, and is responsible for making it easier for businesses to find solutions that make sense. When he’s not hunting deals on cookware, he’s walking his rescue dog Oscar, or trying to figure out his next food stop: “have you tried Chen Chen’s or Ghost Pizza?”